Experts Speak Up

Here's where you can learn what leading doctors, advocacy groups, and other men like you are saying about prostate cancer and how important it is to speak up.

Vahan Kassabian, MD, FACS, FRCS: Understanding
the Symptoms of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Dr. Vahan Kassabian, a urologic oncologist at Advanced Urology, discusses the signs of advanced prostate cancer and urges men to speak up about their symptoms with their doctors.

Vahan Kassabian, MD, FACS, FRCS: The Advanced Prostate Cancer Patient Journey

Dr. Vahan Kassabian, a urologic oncologist at Advanced Urology, shares his experience in treating patients over the last 25 years and the importance of knowing the symptoms related to advanced prostate cancer.

Anthony Delacruz, Nurse Practitioner: Advanced
Prostate Cancer & the Importance of Speaking Up

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s NYC-based nurse practitioner Anthony Delacruz gives his take on eye-opening results from the International Prostate Cancer Symptoms survey, and discusses the importance of having open lines of communication with your healthcare provider team.

William Oh, MD: Advanced Prostate Cancer & Making
the Most of Doc Appointments

Mount Sinai's NYC-based Dr. William Oh offers words of encouragement for advanced prostate cancer patients and shares tips for how HCPs and men can make the most of their time together.

Bertrand Tombal, MD – Belgium – Why Men with
Advanced Prostate Cancer Aren’t Speaking Up

Dr. Bertrand Tombal shares words of wisdom on why men living with advanced prostate cancer aren’t speaking up about their symptoms and the secret to overcoming those barriers.

Patient Advocate Ken Mastris: A Prostate Cancer
Survivor’s Perspective on Taking Action

Prostate cancer survivor and patient advocate Ken Mastris of Europa Uomo shares helpful techniques for identifying symptoms of advanced prostate cancer and making the most of your time at doctor’s appointments.